Outdoor Schools By Location

What Is An Outdoor School?

Outdoor schools offer programs that teach students outdoor education in a natural setting. The programs offered by these schools consist of overnight trips and day programs for school field trips, where children can learn about curriculums in biology, life sciences, or survivalism. 

The programs often encompass a 1-5 day stay at a designated camp with cabins, tents, or dorms for students and chaperones to sleep in. Each day, healthy foods are served, and activities are planned for learning new outdoor skills. City-raised and country-raised kids alike find joy and discovery in the great outdoors. It’s also no secret the numerous benefits that kids get when they spend time out in nature.

Students can learn about the world around them under the trusted supervision of expert instructors. Apart from learning basic survival skills and principles like Leave No Trace, they also help foster personal development and social development in children.

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